Welcome to NZDSS Website.

We are New Zealand’s largest distributor of disc sport products. In particular, disc golf.

We have recreational discs, dog discs, ultimate discs and of course discs for disc golf. We also carry a large range of disc golf bags, apparel and accessories. Oh! we almost forgot to mention that we are NZ’s first INNOVA DISCS wholesaler. 
Eran and I (Leon) have put together this very exciting company to not only bring you "the same as everybody else”, but to do it bigger, better and like never before seen in New Zealand. We are all about growing the sport we love and we plan to grow it at a rate never seen before. Just how we plan to do this will be revealed as time goes by. 
To find out what we are up to, you are going to have to like our Facebook page to stay informed. Or, you will miss out. 

Churnui disc golf family 

Eran and Leon