Plastic Blends



Discraft Plastic Blends

Discraft discs are produced in 9 different lines of material: (In order of retail cost)

Ti (Titanium) Line

The newest Discraft material (2012). It has the durability of Z Line plastic with grippiness of the ESP Line plastic.


ESP FLX Line is used on a limited number of discs. It is as durable as ESP Line Plastic, but much more flexible, this is achieved by adding a lightening agent to the ESP mixture. This type of plastic is extremely useful in cold weather conditions.

ESP Line

ESP Line plastic is a highly durable line that was launched in 2006. This type of plastic is made to be very grippy while also being very durable. ESP Line plastic is non-translucent.

Z Line 

Z Line plastic is known for its durability. The plastic is semi-translucent, very stiff, and very resistant to wear. This line of plastic is produced in a variety of bright colors. This plastic is slightly more overstable than, for example the ESP Line Plastic.

X Line

X Line is very grippy plastic, but is more prone to wear.

D Line

D Line Plastic is the cheapest type of plastic, and is also the least durable. However, D Line plastic provides extremely great grip.

Soft D Line

Soft D Line plastic is a variation on regular D Line plastic. It is only used for putters, and provides a more flexible, grippy feel.


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